Collection: Black Friday Fragrance Trios


Ready to turn your space into a fragrant wonderland? 🌟 Brace yourself for the ULTIMATE Home Fragrance Bundle – because your senses deserve nothing less! 

Unleash the magic with a FULL-SIZE candle that'll have you floating on a cloud of bliss.  Perfect for cozy nights in or whenever you need that instant 'ahhh' moment.

Jet-set with our adorable TRAVEL TIN candle – because your favorite scent should never be left behind! Take that aromatic escape wherever you go.

And the grand finale? Our ROOM & LINEN SPRAY! A burst of freshness for every corner of your world. Spray away the mundane and welcome in the extraordinary!

Feeling generous? Or maybe just want to share the love? Un-bundle this blissful trio for the PERFECT GIFT that keeps on giving! 🎀🎄 Treat yourself or make someone's day – 'tis the season of spreading scented joy! 🎅🌟

Bundle includes: 10oz Candle, 6oz Travel Tin, 4oz Room & Linen Spray

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